Sue’s Views

Sue’s Views

Winter Blues

Sue Wilson17 July 20201 min read

Sue’s Views It’s midwinter here in New Zealand ….. and for some ….. the winter blues may have settled in. The winter season is not always welcome but it is a necessary and productive season. It strips us of the…

Faith and Works

Sue Wilson16 July 20201 min read

Sue’s Views One of the hardest things to understand about Christianity is that we are saved by faith ….. not by works. We are so used to earning our way through life that the idea of receiving something free doesn’t…

Don’t be anxious!

Sue Wilson15 July 20201 min read

Sue’s Views Let’s face it! The world is in serious trouble! There is much to be concerned about. The media keeps us up to date on the latest disasters ….. crimes ….. and injustices ….. and the outlook is bleak…

How’s Your Heart?

Sue Wilson14 July 20201 min read

Sue’s Views How is your heart? Is it soft and pliable ….. or has it been hardened by the circumstances of life? No matter what state your heart is in ….. offer it to God. He is the Potter …..…

Living Stones

Sue Wilson13 July 20201 min read

Sue’s Views There are 7.8 billion people on the planet ….. and yet no two are identical! Even ‘identical twins’ have some unique characteristics. And then ….. when you consider all those who have passed on since time began …..…


Sue Wilson10 July 20201 min read

Sue’s Views This is a picture of abundant life. The trees might look dead and lifeless ….. but there’s so much going on on the inside. In another few months they’ll be vibrant with leaves and laden with fruit. We…