Welcome, we are glad you are able to join us on the way…

This is a place where we would like to encourage each other and hear from you on the faith journey we’re all on as followers of Jesus. It’s a journey that’s not easy… one where we carry our cross daily in our process of dying to self and being made more like Him.

A few of us here would like to share some thoughts, stories, and ideas in the hopes of helping each other stay focused on the Kingdom that Jesus came to bring. In a world that’s trying to pull us into all sorts of political, cultural and social alliances, we want to keep our eyes on the “things that are above, not the things below”, on our identity in Him, remembering that we are, first and foremost, His.

Many of you may know that early Christianity was not called “Christianity” at all, but was first called “The Way”. Let’s journey The Way together with the aim that we will be ready for Christ’s return and be found by Him as good and faithful servants. We would love to hear from you!

Please feel free to contact us with any thoughts or stories you’d like to share.