Minneke’s Musings

Minneke’s Musings

To Mothers

Minneke KangMay 14, 20232 min read

To the mother who battles guilt every day, who wonders if you said enough, or said too much, or said it the right way… To…


Minneke KangNov 17, 20224 min read

I quite like aeroplane food… I know most people don't. It's not necessarily about the taste, but the fact that it is all so cutely…

The One Thing

Minneke KangJun 1, 20224 min read

“Cold showers”, my husband said. “I saw this video, and apparently it’s really good for you! I’m going to start doing it twice a day”.…


Minneke KangJul 30, 20213 min read

The fog had set in overnight, and by 11am it was still hanging around. We were driving in the car on our way somewhere, and…

Beyond Understanding

Minneke KangJun 28, 20212 min read

As I began to walk through life, I saw beauty There was peace, There was quiet I was happy And then I walked a little…

Always at Work

Minneke KangJun 19, 20213 min read

“Look Mummy! It's the man from the ice cream shop!” shouted one of our kids.Sure enough, there was the owner of the local ice cream…