Minneke’s Musings

Minneke’s Musings


Minneke Kang30 July 20213 min read

The fog had set in overnight, and by 11am it was still hanging around. We were driving in the car on our way somewhere, and were all a bit frustrated at not having had more than 150 metres of visibility…

Beyond Understanding

Minneke Kang28 June 20212 min read

As I began to walk through life, I saw beauty There was peace, There was quiet I was happy And then I walked a little further Someone told me about War There was danger But not here I was safe…

Always at Work

Minneke Kang19 June 20213 min read

“Look Mummy! It's the man from the ice cream shop!” shouted one of our kids.Sure enough, there was the owner of the local ice cream shop, going for a walk with some friends! He came up and said hello with…

In Hospital

Minneke Kang16 May 20212 min read

Have you ever walked into a hospital and thought, “Wow, why are all these people so sick and hurt?” I would guess not. Everybody knows that hospitals are where sick or hurt people go.   Have you ever been the…

First World Problems

Minneke Kang29 March 20216 min read

My first experience of the third world was a result of my own first world problem… “Mum, I need an ipod”. That's what I told her when I was 15. She was horrified. She grew up in a time when…

Soar Like Eagles

Minneke Kang23 March 20215 min read

I want to share two stories, about two different eagles…There was once an eagle that had been flying for a long distance and was very tired. Afraid of predators if he landed to rest on the land somewhere, he spotted…