Minneke’s Musings

Minneke’s Musings

Land Mines

Minneke Kang19 August 20207 min read

One morning, we were seated around the cooking fire in the kitchen with some family members in David’s village in rural China. We were chatting casually when someone drew attention to the pot that was sitting over the fire. In…

He is Coming

Minneke Kang18 August 20201 min read

Don’t be afraid, for He is coming Just be ready, for He is coming Be found at peace, for He is coming Continue in His work, for He is coming Hang on to your hope, for He is coming Keep…


Minneke Kang15 August 20203 min read

“Mummy, how many more bites of soup do I need to take?” “Just keep going until it’s all gone.””No, but I mean how many more bites is that?” “I don’t know Anna, it doesn’t matter, just keep taking bites and…

Look straight ahead

Minneke Kang30 July 20203 min read

Have you ever been to Vietnam? What a beautiful place… but one of my scariest moments was learning to cross the road in Hanoi! Every road was teeming with fast electric bikes, and there were no pedestrian crossings… I’m not even…

Yenny’s Story

Minneke Kang28 July 20208 min read

This is a wonderful story from my friend, Yenny…A Christian's life is a journey¬†of faith, where action is much needed to see God's guidance, presence and deliverance throughout our lives. When we act upon our faith, God indeed moves us…

I’m Sorry, Lord (Sequel to “I can do it, Lord”)

Minneke Kang23 July 20201 min read

Oh Lord, I am so sorry That I only thought of me I wanted all the glory But it’s You they need to see ¬† Today as I was readingOf the branches and the vine You said we must abide…