Sue’s Views

Sue’s Views


Sue Wilson16 April 20211 min read

Sue’s Views Work is an important part of life. We so enjoy our leisure time when we’ve worked hard. It helps us feel productive ang gives us purpose. It’s so wonderful seeing the next generation at work ….. and enjoying…


Sue Wilson15 April 20211 min read

Sue’s Views Are you facing temptation? We all do! It usually comes in the form of a question. ‘Did God really say not to do that?’ ….. ‘What’s the harm in just trying it?’ ….. ‘Doesn’t He want me to…


Sue Wilson14 April 20211 min read

Sue’s Views As I was walking yesterday ….. the path was littered with a mixture of autumn leaves and camellia flowers. I found myself thinking about people who have influenced my life. The leaves reminded me of the the more…


Sue Wilson13 April 20211 min read

Sue’s Views Does it seem like your life has taken a detour? Things were going along nicely ….. and then you were thrown a curve ball? You feel like you are going in the wrong direction ….. heading away from…

When life gives you lemons …..

Sue Wilson12 April 20211 min read

Sue’s Views We’ve all heard the proverb ‘When life hands you lemons ….. make lemonade!’ It’s actually really good advice. Every bitter experience is an opportunity to change it into something sweet. After the incredible ‘Red Sea’ miracle the Israelites…

Recipe for Depression

Sue Wilson9 April 20211 min read

Sue’s Views  Depression and anxiety have reached epidemic proportions ….. but you may be surprised to know that the Bible has a lot to say about them. Often ….. those who experience the highest highs also experience the lowest lows.…