Sue’s Views

Sue’s Views


Sue Wilson23 July 20211 min read

Sue’s Views Yay! It’s magnolia season! These beautiful trees remind me that ….. in every season ….. there is something beautiful! Just as most trees have lost their leaves and blossoms ….. these beauties do their thing. The same God…

Salt and Light

Sue Wilson22 July 20211 min read

Sue’s Views If ever our world needed salt and light …’s now! Salt adds flavour to a dish that is otherwise bland ….. and is also a preservative. But in Bible days ….. it was also used as a disinfectant!…


Sue Wilson21 July 20211 min read

Sue’s Views As much as we love to see the trees adorned with blossoms and leaves ….. there is a beauty in the starkness of winter. We get to see the true shape and  uniqueness. We too ….. go through…

Faith and Works

Sue Wilson20 July 20211 min read

Sue’s Views This is an oldie but a goodie! A man in Scotland had a rowboat in which he transported passengers across a lake. He had ‘faith’ written on one oar and ‘works’ written on the other oar. When a…


Sue Wilson19 July 20211 min read

Sue’s Views This sundial will only work when it is set right. It has to be facing true north for the sun to do it’s job. True north has never ….. and will never change! In our world today …..…


Sue Wilson16 July 20211 min read

Sue’s Views It’s the middle of winter here in NZ ….. but compared to so many places around the world ….. we have nothing to complain about. Every time I feel ‘hard done by’ ….. I remind myself how blessed…