Sue’s Views

Sue’s Views

Blooms in the Desert

Sue Wilson24 November 20201 min read

Sue’s Views While the news media is spreading doom and gloom ….. some amazing things are happening in the world! One example is that the desert around the Dead Sea is blooming. What once was a dry ….. salty …..…


Sue Wilson23 November 20201 min read

Sue’s Views All good things come to an end ….. and our little holiday at the beach ends today! It has been a profitable time. Apart from relaxing and walks on the beach ….. it has been like pushing a…

Connecting with God

Sue Wilson20 November 20201 min read

Sue’s Views Just spending a few days at my happy place which is anywhere there is sand, sea and sun! We went for our first walk along the beach yesterday ….. and I already feel like a load has been…

The Silent Majority

Sue Wilson19 November 20201 min read

Sue’s Views This guy has been visiting us the last couple of days! I found him when I went outside to investigate another smaller bird’s frantic chirping. There he was just sitting calmly while the other bird was flitting around…

in the Fullness of Time

Sue Wilson18 November 20201 min read

These days ….. crops are ‘helped’ to ripen quickly and more profusely due to financial pressure and demand. But there’s nothing like fruit that is ripened on the vine. It tastes better ….. and is better for you because the…

A New Grandson

Sue Wilson17 November 20201 min read

Sue’s Views A new grandson has been added to the Wilson/Makea tribe. Hezekiah was born on Friday ….. and is already a loved member of the family. The innocence ….. sweet fragrance ….. and softness of a new baby cause…