Sue’s Views

Sue’s Views


Sue WilsonMar 29, 20231 min read

Sue’s Views Sometimes ….. a flower just makes me stop in my tracks and capture it. Why? Because it’s a work of art ….. a masterpiece! Yes there are many others ….. but none like this one. It has little…

The Bigger Picture

Sue WilsonMar 28, 20231 min read

Sue’s Views We all have things that can weigh us down ….. cares ….. concerns ….. troubles. When we focus on them they can seem so huge ….. and take all our energy. However ….. if we take a step…

Family Tree

Sue WilsonMar 27, 20231 min read

Sue’s Views The Wilson tribe love reasons to get together ….. so a visit by our niece, Manaini, from Fiji was a good excuse! She got to meet all her cousins at once ….. and survived! But we are a…

Wherever You Go ….. There You Are!

Sue WilsonMar 24, 20231 min read

Sue’s Views Have you ever thought ‘If only I was in a different environment ….. things would be better’? If I lived in a nicer house ….. had a better job ….. had married someone else? Circumstances do make a…

God, The Rock!

Sue WilsonMar 23, 20231 min read

Sue’s Views Some of the best hymns have been written in the darkest or most difficult times. Songs like ‘Amazing Grace’ ….. and ‘It is well with my soul’ ….. were born out of times of tragedy and loss. One…


Sue WilsonMar 22, 20231 min read

Sue’s Views  The trees are starting to change colour and there is a definite ‘nip’ in the air!As we reluctantly say goodbye to summer ….. let’s remember that every season has its purpose and is necessary for life to continue.…