Sue’s Views

Sue’s Views

Clean Up Time

Sue Wilson6 November 20201 min read

Sue’s Views Judging by what’s going on in the world ….. it is definitely ‘clean up’ time! Corruption ….. rebellion ….. cheating ….. lying ….. to mention just a few. It’s easy for us to point the finger and play…

Child of God

Sue Wilson5 November 20201 min read

Sue’s Views Mothers have so many roles ….. they can easily lose their identity! They are often referred to as someone’s mother ….. wife ….. sister ….. friend. But before all that you are God’s precious daughter! Whenever you feel…

God is All Powerful

Sue Wilson4 November 20201 min read

Sue’s Views The most powerful people on earth ….. presidents ….. prime ministers ….. kings and queens ….. terrorists ….. the wealthy ….. the most educated ….. are no match for the God who gave them the ability to get…

God Hears!

Sue Wilson3 November 20201 min read

Sue’s Views It can sometimes feel like the heavens are made of brass! Our prayers seem to bounce off the ceiling and go no further. But the truth is ….. God does hear all our prayers! If there is a…

Jesus Loves Rewa

Sue Wilson2 November 20201 min read

Sue’s Views Something amazing happened in our community last night. The local board asked the local churches to join them in a prayer vigil for Manurewa. In recent months there have been some serious crimes in our community. Churches …..…

Water Lillies

Sue Wilson30 October 20201 min read

Sue’s Views Water lillies can teach us some wonderful lessons. Even though their roots are at the bottom of the pond ….. they always rise to the top and float above the water. They make use of the nutrients from…