Sue’s Views

Sue’s Views

Empty Nest Syndrome

Sue Wilson23 November 20211 min read

Sue’s Views Are you struggling with ‘empty nest’ syndrome? It can be quite traumatic for some parents. We put so much time and effort into raising our children ….. and it can seem like ….. in the blink of an…


Sue Wilson22 November 20211 min read

Sue’s Views There’s one in every family! That one child that always pushes the boundary! You provide a safe and healthy environment for them ….. but they have to find out what’s on the other side of the fence! They…

The Only Source of Truth

Sue Wilson19 November 20211 min read

Sue’s Views This year has probably been one of the toughest so far for me. There have been physical problems ….. burdens I’ve carried for family and friends ….. and of course the many concerns Covid has brought to our…

The Blessing

Sue Wilson18 November 20211 min read

Sue’s Views Many are worried about sending their children back to school ….. or passing Covid onto elderly family members. Here’s a reminder of God’s promise through the song ‘The Blessing’. ‘May His favor be upon you And a thousand…

Dream On!

Sue Wilson17 November 20211 min read

Sue’s Views In these times of restrictions and ‘new normals’ ….. we can find ourselves slowly adapting and changing our expectations to fit the environment. But don’t lose sight of your dreams! Especially if they are God given dreams. God’s…

God Loves You

Sue Wilson16 November 20211 min read

Sue’s Views No matter where you are today ….. no matter how you feel ….. know this ….. God loves you! You can’t do anything to earn His love ….. or to make Him love you more. And nothing you…