Sue’s Views

Sue’s Views

Queen’s Birthday

Sue Wilson7 June 20211 min read

Sue’s Views Today we are celebrating the Queen’s Birthday here in NZ. Whether you love or hate the Royals ….. I have a tremendous respect for Queen Elizabeth! She has shown some amazing leadership qualities throughout her reign. Through good…

The Rock

Sue Wilson4 June 20211 min read

Sue’s Views When your feet are firmly planted on the Rock ….. it doesn’t matter how big or small you are ….. or how weak or strong you are. It doesn’t matter how much you know ….. or what you’ve…

Brain Fog

Sue Wilson3 June 20211 min read

Sue’s Views There are many reasons why things may seem unclear ….. but before you rush off to Specsavers ….. take a step back. Our brains are constantly overloaded with information. This can cause sleeplessness ….. anxiety ….. inadequate diet…


Sue Wilson2 June 20211 min read

Sue’s Views Our frangipani tree has proven once again that the potential from within is stronger than the elements outside. Being a tropical plant ….. it surprised us to see it flowering in June in the New Zealand winter! We…


Sue Wilson1 June 20211 min read

Sue’s Views It’s officially the first day of winter. The trees are bare ….. the nights are cold ….. and it gets dark by 6pm. And yet winter is probably the most productive season of all. Where we see barrenness…


Sue Wilson31 May 20211 min read

Sue’s Views This has been our church’s verse for the month of May. Why is it so hard to trust God? Because we rely so much on what we see. From our view point ….. things can look pretty messy!…