Minneke’s Musings

Minneke’s Musings

Turn off the Sun

Minneke Kang21 October 20205 min read

I remember watching a TV program once about the sun. It was so interesting, so fascinating… and yet quite terrifying. Solar flares, temperatures that are out of this world (no pun intended), explosions and nuclear activity that dwarfs the most…

Paradox Paradise

Minneke Kang14 October 20203 min read

“You mean… you’re just going to give it away? But we need that money!” My husband had decided to give away our remaining piano before we moved back to New Zealand. We could’ve sold it for about 4000RMB, around $800NZ.…

Salt and Sandcastles

Minneke Kang30 September 20205 min read

Jesus told us we are salt and light. I guess I kind of understood the light part, that seemed fairly clear and easy to understand… but the salt? I assumed that had something to do with it's flavouring properties. Luke 14:34-35…

All Ruled Out

Minneke Kang31 August 20206 min read

“Gross!” my kids exclaimed… “Yup,” I said, “John the Baptist ate honey and locusts”.    John certainly had an interesting life… an angel made it to his Dad before he was born that he wasn’t to ever drink wine, and…

Don’t walk through all the open doors

Minneke Kang29 August 20205 min read

When our first child Anna was still a young baby, we met a man who lived in our same apartment block in Shenzhen, China. He was Chinese-American, a very successful businessman, and was quite interested in David and I helping…


Minneke Kang24 August 20205 min read

The apartments we lived in in China all had one thing in common… they were full of cockroaches! Some apartments were worse than others. I remember going out to the kitchen in the evenings after the kids were in bed…