Minneke’s Musings

Minneke’s Musings

Soar Like Eagles

Minneke KangMar 23, 20215 min read

I want to share two stories, about two different eagles…There was once an eagle that had been flying for a long distance and was very…

Blazing a Trail

Minneke KangMar 11, 20217 min read

One morning when we were out walking along a bush path near our home here in New Zealand, David suddenly stopped as he saw some…

If He Walked the Earth Today…

Minneke KangMar 9, 20213 min read

One day I sat and pondered…What would Jesus look like if He walked the earth today?Would he have an iPhone, or no phone at all?Would…


Minneke KangMar 3, 20214 min read

One night, my husband told our kids a Chinese story at bedtime. It went something like this…There was a man who lived near a bamboo…

Between Worlds

Minneke KangFeb 9, 20213 min read

A poem of sorts written about a Third Culture Kid’s* journey, and the Christian faith pilgrimage… It’s strange… Feeling more at home on an aeroplane,…

Keep it Fresh

Minneke KangJan 15, 20215 min read

“Wow Anna, that's very careful colouring!””Ughhh Mum, don't say that!” she replied.”Why not?” I asked.”Because you say that EVERY time…”Aren't people so perceptive from such…