If He Walked the Earth Today…

One day I sat and pondered…
What would Jesus look like if He walked the earth today?
Would he have an iPhone, or no phone at all?
Would He have a Facebook account, an Instagram, an e-mail address?
Would He wear blue jeans, or a robe and sandals, or something completely different? 

And then I realised I had seen Him…

I saw Him as a high school girl,
Who stood firm in her faith
With courage and humility…
…even at gunpoint

I saw Him in a hijab 
On a bus in Iran
Sharing quietly with the woman next to her
About the man in white who had come in her dream|
And given her peace from the turmoil inside

I saw Him in jeans and a T-shirt
As a pastor in a local church
Setting up chairs on a Sunday morning

I saw Him dressed in a white coat
In a science lab…
Exploring the incredible universe
His Father had created

I saw Him dressed as a street-sweeper in Beijing
Who once was a top brain surgeon
But was discovered to be a traitor to the Party
With her loyalty to this King
So now she cleaned those streets for Him 
With all her heart 

I saw Him immaculately dressed in a suit and tie
Laying hands and healing the sick
But always wearing his thinnest suit when it was cold
Because he wanted to know when those who were clothed sparingly
Were starting to get cold too

I saw him in sneakers
A 19-year-old on the street outside a supermarket
Sharing with the homeless and drug addicts
About the hope and healing in Him

I saw Him with a loud voice
Full of faith and passion
Standing on a stage
Not wanting anyone to miss the good news
That a Saviour had come for them

I saw him dressed in Thai silk
Dancing a traditional Thai dance
Using his own way
To worship the Father in Heaven

I saw him in a wheelchair
Trudging through the slums of Africa
Leading a team that was handing out wheelchairs to others
And bringing hope to the hopeless

I saw Him as a husband
Tired after his long day
Making a cup of tea for his wife|
And rubbing her feet 
After her long day

I saw Him in Parliament
Petitioning for the weak and vulnerable
The unrepresented and the voiceless

I saw Him dressed in a nurse’s gown
Patiently and lovingly attending to her patients
Giving them her time and a listening ear
Whenever they felt afraid or alone

I saw him as a young girl,
A grandparent,
An African fisherman,
A single mother,
A youth leader…
I saw Him in a business meeting,
In a kitchen,
In India,
In a house church
In a worship team
In war-torn Syria…

…and he was wearing all kinds of things,
Looking like all kinds of people
And acting in all kinds of roles
With few possessions, or many
With a phone, or without
Because it didn’t matter really,
It was what He did and why
That really counted.