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Doctors are discovering that many diseases are connected to our thoughts and emotions. When we are angry and resentful ….. our bodies produce adrenaline and other stress hormones. As these build up ….. they are toxic to the human body. Medications that are prescribed to lower these levels may help temporarily but the root cause remains. Each time we remember the event that made us angry ….. we relive the trauma. The best medication is forgiveness! Forgiveness doesn’t make the other person right ….. it releases you from the burden of holding them hostage. Before you grab those pills or pour that drink ….. ask yourself ‘Is there someone I need to forgive?’


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If you want to build a strong family ….. you must look beyond your own lifetime. Life is not a 100 metre sprint ….. but rather a relay race. We each run our lap and pass on the baton to the next generation. The race is won or lost in that passing on phase. Our children will do what we do ….. not what we tell them to do. If we do well ….. we will leave a legacy that is far greater than we could imagine.


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As we grow older ….. hopefully we grow wiser! Wisdom usually comes from lessons we learn along the way ….. and often from the mistakes we’ve made. But that doesn’t mean that the next generation has to learn wisdom the same way. The Bible says that ‘The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom’. The best thing we can do for our children and grandchildren is to teach them to fear God. The kind of fear this is talking about is not terror or dread ….. but honour and respect. When you respect someone ….. you want to please them. You fear the consequences of going against their will. You think things through to avoid hurting them. If you are a younger person ….. you would do well to listen to your elders. They know a thing ot two! If you are an ‘elder’ ….. don’t be afraid to share your journey with the younger generation ….. mistakes and all!

Known Unto God

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Today ….. we remember and honour the many who have died fighting for their country. Their sacrifice should never be forgotten. Many of them were young with their whole lives ahead of them. Not all were able to be identified ….. but God knows every one of them. Not even a sparrow falls to the ground without Him knowing. He knows your name!

Attack on the Family

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After watching last nights ‘Sunday’ program ….. I was both sad and stunned by the devil’s attack on the family. Our elderly are struggling to eat three meals a day! Our children are being brought up genderless so they can choose which they prefer! I realise these issues are poles apart ….. but I see both as a means of destroying God’s plan for the family. It’s probably not in every case but many of the elderly interviewed had family. Why are they living alone? In the times we are living ….. we can no longer let pride or selfishness prevent us from doing what is right. And as for the other issue ….. I’m speechless! I can only imagine the confusion and chaos ahead for these poor kids! The family has always been God’s blueprint for the way to live in this world. It’s His way ….. or it’s ‘no way’!

Celebrate the Differences!

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The school holidays are almost over! Well done parents and care givers! If you have kids ….. you will have discovered that they are all different! Even though they come from the same parents ….. their personalities are varied! One may always be pushing the boundaries ….. while another is more compliant. One is more academic ….. another is gifted in a more practical way. Our job as parents is to help them discover how God has wired them and how to be the best ‘them’ they can be. Don’t try to mould them into something they are not ….. celebrate the differences!!

Through the Desert

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 Are you going through a ‘desert’ experience? If you are ….. let ‘through’ be the operative word. A desert is never a place to camp permanently ….. but it’s often a necessity to get to where you need to go. Just as vast portions of our world are desert environments ….. so we will encounter them on our journey through life. In times like these we rely on the nutrients we have absorbed in the good times ….. and we focus on where we are going rather than where we are now.


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Change is taking place as we go from one season to another. It’s often said that the one thing we can be sure of is ‘change’! It affects us in different ways. You either love it or you hate it. Sometimes ….. we initiate the change. But many times others do ….. and we feel powerless and have no say. All we can do at times like that ….. is to trust God with the situation. If you are at the mercy of someone else’s decision ….. know that God understands how you feel. He has already factored it into His plan for your life. It’s gonna be ok!

Human Rights?

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We hear a lot about ‘human rights’ ….. but how can a ‘right’ give you permission to do ‘wrong’? Isn’t that an oxymoron? I believe in the protection of people from slavery ….. injustice ….. racial discrimination etc. These are atrocities that deprive us of our God given humanity. But when we say we have a ‘right’ to change who God made us ….. it becomes a ‘wrong’! The lines have become so blurred that we’ve made wrong doing a ‘right’! No wonder there is so much confusion in the world! 
‘No, don’t say that. Who are you, a mere human being, to argue with God? Should the thing that was created say to the one who created it, “Why have you made me like this?” ‘ Romans 9: 20

Rest a while!

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If the soil needs a rest ….. how much more do we? We tend to live lives jam packed with activity and information ….. and fall asleep at the end of the day with our heads still buzzing! Our bodies and minds were not designed for so much stress continually. So how about giving yourself some time to recover and replenish ….. before you burn out.