I can do it, Lord

This was written, first and foremost, as a reminder to myself. How easy it is to stray into this trap…

Thank you Lord for giving me
This work that I can do
In fact I think that I don’t need 
To always bother You  

And sure, I know that it was You
That called me to this task
But surely you don’t want that I
For everything must ask  

In fact I have so many things 
That I have thought to do
Some programs, groups and ministries
That’re all to do with You

And now I find that I enjoy
This work so very much
I’d rather spend my time on this
Than be with You, as such

For I can do it on my own
Most probably, it’s best
If I just take initiative 
Yes, leave me to the rest

And if I were quite honest with You,
I’d like that it should be
That when I have done all this work
The glory goes to me