A Tribute to Queen Elizabeth

Sue’s Views
Waking up to the news of Queen Elizabeth’s passing has been almost like losing a beloved grandma! Somehow ….. knowing she was there was comforting. I was conceived the same month as her coronation ….. so as far as I’m concerned ….. she has always been ‘on the throne’. I remember ‘trips to London to visit the Queen’ as a very young child. Of course I only saw her from a distance among thousands of others ….. but I always thought she was waving to me! She has appointed and met weekly with 15 prime ministers from Winston Churchill to Liz Truss just a few days ago. She has seen just about every political agenda ….. lived through more crises ….. and met more challenges in her family than most of us have ….. and yet still kept her faith in God. He was her strength and anchor. We will no doubt see some turbulent times ahead now ….. but I take heart in the fact that ….. no matter who is reigning at Buckingham Palace ….. God is still on the throne ….. and always will be! Thank you Queen Elizabeth for your faithfulness and steadfastness all these years. May you now Rest In Peace. ❤️

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