Sue’s Views
The reversal of Roe v Wade has been labelled ‘draconian’. Draco was a Greek  legislator who lived in the 7th century BC. His laws are said to have been cruel and harsh. Minor offences were punished by death or slavery. I’m not suggesting we go that far ….. but it seems to me that countries with tougher laws have less lawbreaking. God’s laws were pretty tough! Things like murder ….. adultery ….. stealing ….. we’re punishable by death. Laws have become very complicated. They have been adjusted to suit the moral decline in society ….. but the moral law (Gods Law) will never change. Jesus summed it up by saying “Love God first ….. and love people as you love yourself.“ It’s based on love! Love isn’t giving people what they want ….. it’s helping them do what’s right. God’s laws are not old fashioned ….. they are ancient!