Antidote for Depression

Sue’s Views

Depression and anxiety are modern day plagues ….. robbing us of our peace and joy. The enemy of our soul ….. Satan ….. wants to destroy us! He will find a weak spot ….. a past hurt ….. a negative word spoken ….. a disappointment ….. and reinforce it! If someone once told you you are worthless ….. he will remind you of that constantly. The more you dwell on it ….. the bigger and more real it seems. King David gives us an antidote to depression. He spoke to his soul! In other words ….. he gave himself a good talking to. ‘Why are you cast down, o my soul?’ He reminded himself of all the good things God had done in the past. Once he shifted the focus off his sadness and fear and onto God ….. he started to feel better. Hope and faith started to arise! It’s good to talk to a friend or counsellor who can help you distinguish the lies from the truth. But God is the best Counsellor! He not only knows you thoroughly ….. but He also knows the plans He has for you. Believe me ….. they are wonderful!