Bitter Sweet

Sue’s Views
Disappointments come in many different forms ….. but they are most often due to our expectations not being met. We expect people to keep their word ….. but they don’t. We look forward to an event ….. but it gets cancelled. We worked really hard all year ….. but someone else gets the promotion. You can add your version to the list! But what if our disappointments are God’s  appointments? There’s a story in the Bible about the Israelites ….. after their amazing escape from Egypt via the Red Sea ….. came to a pool of water. After 3 days of travelling they were very thirsty ….. and were so relieved to be able to have a drink. But only to discover the water was bitter and undrinkable. They groaned and complained ….. completely forgetting what God had just brought them through! But Moses prayed and God showed him a tree and told him to throw it into the water. The water became sweet! So much we can learn from this story ….. but I believe the main point is that God used a disappointing situation to prove to them His supernatural power and ability to take care of them in any circumstance. When we put our trust in Him ….. He can make our bitter pool sweet!
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