Burning Bush

Sue’s Views
Moses grew up in the King’s palace but he never forgot he was a Hebrew. He saw the way his people were treated and tried to help ….. but things only got worse. After murdering an Egyptian slave driver ….. he ran away in fear of his life. He settled down and started a new life in the wilderness ….. but God still had other plans for him. One day ….. God spoke to Moses from a bush that was on fire but not consumed. Thankfully ….. Moses saw it and went to investigate. That day ….. he received the great commission of his life! To go back to Egypt and set his people free! ‘Who me?’ ….. ‘the one who messed up?’ ….. ‘I missed my opportunity!’ ….. ‘send someone else’ ….. ‘I can’t even speak well.’ Does any of this sound familiar? One thing Moses was about to learn was that it’s no use arguing with God! He can do more with a man who has spent 40 years running away ….. than with a man who spent 40 years in a palace! It’s never too late ….. your past failures do not disqualify you ….. God will make up for your inabilities.