By gad or by God?

Sue’s Views
Many would say that life happens by chance. You are born ….. grow up ….. get a job ….. marry and raise children ….. live your best life ….. and die! They would put success down to them having made good decisions. Others would say they got lucky. There’s an old saying ‘by gad’ ….. which means ‘by luck’. We can either live ‘by gad’ or we can live ‘by God’. Right throughout history ….. we see design ….. purpose ….. and destiny. Abraham had to leave his comfortable home to go to the place God showed him. Jacob had to leave his home to find a wife. Joseph had to go to Egypt in order to save the lives of his family. Jacob had to leave his home to go to Egypt with a family of 70. It still amazes me how God brought Frank from Fiji to New Zealand ….. and me all the way from England to meet in Manurewa! Our tribe now numbers 18! Did that happen by chance? I don’t think so!