Sue’s Views
Today is officially the last day of winter ….. and change is definitely in the air. Not only in the weather ….. but in just about every aspect of life as we know it. Change is inevitable and we’ve all adapted to new schools ….. homes ….. jobs ….. relationships etc. Things that may have seemed daunting have become the norm ….. as we’ve grown used to them. But we must be careful. Some things should never change. God’s Word will never change! It is established forever. It doesn’t ‘adapt’ to the times we’re living in. It doesn’t ‘evolve’ to suit our way of thinking. And it certainly doesn’t ‘compromise’ or ‘tolerate’ to satisfy our selfish desires. There are agendas aiming to do just that. If ideas are pushed hard enough …. they become familiar and start to sound reasonable. Let the Word of God be your plumb line. Study the truth and you’ll recognise the false. God will bring about a new season in His timing.