Change of Perspective

Sue’s Views
The prophet Habakkuk ….. like many of us had questions for God! Even though he lived 600 years before Christ came ….. his world was very similar to ours. It was full of immorality ….. idolatry ….. injustice ….. and the threat of being taken over by the Babylonians. He basically was asking God ‘What are you doing? Don’t you care?’ God told him that bringing the Babylonians was part of His plan to bring His people to repentance. When Habakkuk saw the vision ….. He was able to see from Gods perspective. His attitude then changed from complaining to sharing a message of faith in a God who was totally in control. His famous song ‘Though the fig tree does not blossom ….. yet will I praise Him’ was born out of this revelation. We are seeing our world today going from bad to worse. I wonder what God will have to do to bring us to our knees. The answer is still ‘The righteous will live by their faith!’