Change Tracks!

Sue’s Views
Have you ever noticed how one negative thought leads to another ….. and then another ….. and so on until it becomes a saga? It becomes like a recording that plays in your mind ….. like a familiar song you can’t get out of your head. This happened to me just yesterday while I was doing my ironing! I found myself going down that well beaten track of negativity ….. and I asked God to ‘Please erase it from my mind!’ I felt Him say ‘Change tracks! Play another record! And play it until it becomes so familiar it takes the place of the old one!’ And so I put on a podcast that was full of truth and hope. And you know what? ….. It worked! With so much negativity around us we can easily slide down that slippery slope. But if ….. as soon as you hear the first note of that old song ….. you change tracks ….. you will soon be singing a different tune!