Daily Choices

Sue’s Views
Each day when we wake up ….. we have a choice whether to be negative or positive. The way we start the day often determines how that day progresses. Instead of replaying past hurts in your head over and over ….. start by thanking God for all He has done ….. every blessing He has bestowed on you ….. focussing on the good things about that person or situation that makes you angry ….. and  committing your day to the Lord. I love this prayer from Joyce Meyer that goes something like ‘Dear Lord, I thank you for helping me through this day. So far I haven’t yelled at anyone ….. thought any bad thoughts ….. or messed up in any way ….. but in a moment I have to get out of bed ….. and that’s when I’m really going to need your help!’ Daily life presents us with many opportunities to be negative ….. but we can choose not to go there!