Desert Experiences

Sue’s Views
When you look at planet earth ….. you see a wide variety of environments. There are rain forests ….. mountains ….. coastal regions ….. lakes and rivers ….. and deserts! I wonder why He didn’t just make the whole earth a perfect balance of these. I mean no one chooses to go to a desert for a vacation. A place that is dry ….. barren ….. and monotonous! And yet God saw fit to include vast areas of this kind. He made plants and wildlife especially suited to such and environment. That shows me that God is as concerned and intentional about every area of our lives. In the overall scheme of things ….. those desert experiences are necessary to bring balance and perspective. If you are going through a desert season ….. be encouraged! There are lessons that can only be learned in such a place. But there are better things ahead. And even in the desert ….. God has placed an oasis as a time of refreshing!