Divine Exchange

Sue’s Views
When we hear news of terrible things happening around the world ….. murders ….. trafficking ….. identity theft ….. consumerism ….. moral decline to name a few ….. we can ask ‘How can people be so evil?’ We compare our petty crimes of ‘white lies’ ….. borrowing and not giving back ….. spreading rumours ‘so others can pray for them’ ….. and conclude that we would never do anything that bad! The Cross was the stopping place for sin. What is sin? It is anything that falls short of God’s standard. God’s standard is 100%. It doesn’t matter whether you get 99% or 5% ….. you have missed the mark! There are no big sins and small sins! That’s why we are all sinners ….. and we all needed a Saviour. That’s what Easter is all about! On the Cross ….. a wonderful exchange took place. Jesus took my all my wrongness and exchanged it for His rightness. He took my shame and gave me His approval. He took my fear and gave me his boldness. He took my sickness and gave me His wellness. He took my death and gave me His life. Will you accept that exchange? Today would be a great day for a new beginning!