Don’t Forget!

Sue’s Views
I don’t know about you ….. but I forget things very easily these days! Maybe it’s because life is so full and our minds are operating on overload most of the time. I don’t want to think it’s because I’m getting older ….. but that too! One thing I’ve found valuable is to keep a journal. Some days I simply write down what I did that day. Other days I take more time to process my thoughts and feelings. One thing God told the Israelites over and over was ‘Don’t forget!’ When you go into the Promised Land and possess houses you didn’t build ….. crops you didn’t plant ….. livestock and riches you didn’t earn ….. don’t forget that everything you have comes from God. When I look back at my journals throughout the years ….. I’m reminded of the many challenges God has brought me and my family through. The many blessings He has loaded us with daily. The lessons learned ….. the growth that has taken place. It all ends up with thanksgiving! If life is tough right now ….. take a moment to remember the One who has brought you through ….. and will continue to do so.