End of a Chapter

Sue’s Views
Life consists of a series of choices! From the moment we discover we have a will ….. we learn that we have a choice. When Mum or Dad say ‘Don’t touch’ ….. we learn that disobedience has consequences. Mostly ….. it’s for our own good! Sometimes ….. we have to make difficult choices that are not so clear cut. I’ve made one of those choices that bring me today to the end of a 50 year career and 15 years in my current employment. It has been a difficult decision and I empathise with the thousands of Kiwis who are also suffering the consequences of their ‘freedom to choose’. My consolation is that it’s the end of a chapter ….. not the end of the book! I pray God will open new doors for you that will unlock a bright and abundant future. He is our provider and protector and His plans and purpose will not be thwarted.