Sue’s Views
This is Jabari and today he turns 4! His name means ‘fearless’! One of the enemy’s greatest tactics is fear! Fear cripples us and prevents us from accomplishing God’s purpose. The first generation of Israelites didn’t enter the Promised Land because they were afraid of the giants in the land. They saw themselves as grasshoppers in comparison ….. and so that’s what they became. They settled for a life of wandering in the wilderness. The next generation had a different mindset. They trusted God to fight their battles. As they went forward ….. they saw God do amazing things to destroy their enemies. They came to realise that the God they served was so much greater than the fear. Fearlessness in not the absence of fear ….. but the presence of faith in a God who cannot lose! Happy Birthday oh fearless one! May God always be your Captain as you experience life together! Lots of love from Pa & Nana 🥰🎉🎂