Sue’s Views
Many find the Bible boring ….. especially the genealogies! Lists of names that are hard to pronounce ….. and what do they have to do with me? But those lists of names prove that they were real people ….. who lived in the real world. The fact that the Bible traces the bloodline all the way from Adam to Jesus proves it’s a book of fact ….. not fiction! It also becomes my bloodline as well ….. so it’s very relevant. So when I read the Bible ….. I’m reading my history and about my family. There are some characters in there I wouldn’t want to be associated with ….. but God works through all kinds of people! There are prostitutes ….. adulterers ….. murderers ….. thieves ….. as well as ordinary folk just trying to make the best of life. It’s really fascinating when you get into it and contains some of the most amazing stories you’ll ever read. The best thing about the Bible is that it is God’s way of speaking to us personally.