Good news or Bad News

Sue’s Views
Don’t you just love it when someone says to you ‘I have good news and bad news! Which do you want first?’ We usually say ‘Give me the bad news first!’ Well ….. I have good news and bad news! The bad news is that we are all sinners because we have all disobeyed God’s moral law. Because God is a righteous and just God ….. He has to punish us. The punishment is to be eternally separated from God. Now before you say ‘How could a good God send anyone to Hell?’ ….. what kind of judge would He be if He didn’t uphold the law? Now comes the good news! God’s only Son, Jesus, stepped up and offered to pay the penalty for our sin. The penalty was a horrific death on a cross ….. but He was willing to do that so you and I could go free. In doing so ….. He gave us a choice. We pay our own penalty ….. or we put our trust in what Jesus did on our behalf. When we understand the bad news ….. the good news becomes very good. And we all need some Good News!