Happy New Year!

Sue’s Views
Well ….. we’ve entered into a new year ….. and it has already begun! There are many ‘new things’ awaiting us. Some will be welcome ….. others not so much ….. but they are all to be learned from. Here’s a tip ….. if you haren’t already ….. start a journal! It has so many uses. 1. Keep an account of what you do each day. Very practical (and entertaining) to look back on! It will remind you of details you may have forgotten such as dates ….. events ….. what you cooked (handy to know so you don’t make the same meal twice for guests!) 2. Write down things you are thankful for each day. It will help you focus on the positives. 3. People and situations you pray for. You’ll be amazed how many prayers are answered! 4. Keep an account of what God is saying to you each day ….. either from the Word or just during your day. It’s amazing how quickly we forget in our busyness. You can add to the list and make it as simple or detailed as you like. I try to do it daily because it’s so hard to remember yesterday ….. let alone last week! There are so many seasons in my life when I wish I had kept a journal. Whatever you decide ….. I pray you will make the most of each day ….. and may 2023 be a year filled with blessings!