How is Your Confession?

Sue’s Views
I was challenged this morning to think about how I speak. What kind of confessions do I make? Are they positive ….. or negative? It would probably be a good exercise to record our speech for a day or two to find out! What do those around us hear? Moses sent twelve spies to check out the Promised Land before they entered. Ten of them came back with a negative report. They all agreed it was beautiful ….. but the beauty was marred by the possible danger of the ‘giants’. They were willing to forfeit God’s plan for the safety of the familiar. The other two came back filled with hope and confidence. They were realistic. They saw the same giants ….. but were sure God would help them overcome the obstacles. They were already living the dream! Imagine how hard it must have been for those two to have to wait 40 years before they were able to enter the Land. But enter they did! None of the others did. They all died in the Wilderness. There are plenty of ‘giants’ out there. Is your confession ‘I’m like a grasshopper in comparison’ ….. or is it ‘we are able’?