I Love Autumn!

Sue’s Views 
I love autumn! I think it gets a bad rap because it reminds us that winter is coming ….. but autumn is a season all on its own. I was never very great at science ….. but apparently there’s a lot of chemistry happening in those trees! The reduced sunlight and temperature cause the high concentration of chlorophyll (that’s what makes the leaves green) ….. to break down and to reveal the colours of the secondary pigments that were hidden. 
I guess it’s like that in life. We don’t always see what’s really inside us until we go through some situations that force a change. When we get out of our comfort zone ….. when things get a bit darker and colder ….. we discover there are other ‘colours’ within us. Beautiful colours! Maybe you’ve discovered a new hobby ….. a new way of doing a business ….. a new way of communicating ….. a new way to adapt and build upon old ideas. 
Dear Lord, thank you for the different seasons in life. Please help us to be willing to allow the changes to bring out the best in us so we can use the gifts You’ve given us to bring You glory. In Jesus Name, Amen.