Sue’s Views 
Did you know there are 1595 ‘if’s in the Bible? We often hear the word ‘unconditional’ used. It is most often used to describe God’s love ….. but you won’t find that even once in the Bible! God’s love is unconditional in the sense that He is love ….. and therefore He always acts out of love. He is a Father ….. and like most fathers ….. He wants the best for His kids. As Dads will know ….. that requires discipline ….. and even denial at times. If you read through the pages of the Old Testament ….. you’ll discover a God who restricts ….. curses ….. and even kills people who disobey His commands. But before that ….. He is a God who calls them and warns them over and over. We must have a balanced understanding of Gods love. He is not a ‘pushover’ who winks at our disobedience and rebellion. His love is not sentimental. He is a God of Agape love ….. which is always to restore ….. to protect ….. and to make righteous.