Is It Getting Hot In Here?

Sue’s Views
As a grandparent ….. I was angered to hear about Family First being deregistered as a charity because of their Biblical stance on many issues that affect the family. However ….. I shouldn’t be surprised! The agenda to challenge and completely reverse Christian values is nothing new ….. but it is accelerating every day and we can’t be passive about that. The latest report is about a curriculum being introduced at school camps. I quote:
‘When you send your children on an outdoor adventure camp or programme, you’re probably expecting that the activities will be based around water safety, abseiling, mountain biking, caving, canoeing, camping, environmental wellbeing, outdoor learning experiences, outdoor education etc. But a new curriculum by Education Outdoors New Zealand labelled “Going with the flow” is a gender fluidity indoctrination course for young boys and girls.’
It’s vital that we instill in our kids that their identity, purpose and value is determined by God!