Levelled By The Cross!

Sue’s Views
Pride has two faces. It can make us feel superior so that we look down on others. But it can also make us feel so inferior that we pull others down to make us feel better. The Cross of Jesus Christ is the greatest leveller! No matter where you were born ….. how much money you have ….. what gender you are ….. how well educated you are ….. or how much you’ve achieved ….. we are all the same in Gods eyes. Sinners in need of a Saviour! Sin is the greatest pandemic the world has ever known because it affects every single one of us! But there is a cure ….. and it’s the Cross! Jesus paid our penalty by dying in our place and rising again. When we repent and put our trust in Him we are saved from our sins. There is no more need for comparison ….. no need to compete ….. we are all on the same page!