Light in the Darkness

Sue’s Views

Things are getting crazier out there every day! We’ve had to learn a whole new language ….. live a whole new way with new rules and restrictions. The finish line changes from week to week. We don’t know who we can trust ….. or whose agenda is running the show! And I for one am confused as to which Greek letter we are up to now🤔 But one thing I do know is that Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega ….. the first and the last ….. the beginning and the end. His blood is able to protect and to heal ….. to prevent and to cure. His Word and Promises are ‘Yes and Amen’! His ‘agenda’ is the only agenda that matters. He is trustworthy ….. faithful ….. and all powerful. His boundaries are permanent and for our highest good. His ‘yes’ means ‘yes’ ….. and His ‘no’ means ‘no’! He came to earth to bring peace and light at a time of utter darkness. It’s time to let Him shine!