Lost Luggage!

Sue’s Views
Yesterday was a bit of a roller coaster! After an emotional farewell with our family in the North ….. we had a pleasant enough journey back to Suva by bus and boat. Only to discover our bag was no longer with us! That sinking feeling when you realise all you have lost! It’s not only the clothes ….. it’s things like medication ….. and items that will be of no value to others but mean a lot to you. We realised God is our only hope after an unfruitful call to the transport company who don’t want any responsibility. The first thing we did was to pray and release everything to Him (including whoever took our bag). We then discovered so many blessings. We’d left a few clothes behind ….. we’d packed a few more in our carry on bag last minute ….. there were 2 doctors upstairs who graciously wrote out a prescription for the missing meds. Sometimes God’s ways are very different to what we’d like ….. but they help us know Him in a much deeper way! We are ok! We can now laugh about the whole thing. We only hope whoever has it will be blessed! I’ll finish with a beautiful memory of our trip to SavuSavu.