Mary or Martha?

Sue’s Views
My Word this morning was ‘Be still and know that I am God’. The Martha in me rose up! But you know all the things going on Lord. And there is so much to be done ….. who’s going to do it if I don’t? I almost heard God chuckle!! I’m so glad God has a sense of humour! He reminded me of all the times my stomach has been in knots of anxiety and stress ….. only to have Him go to great lengths to iron them out. When I’ve been in a sticky situation and begged Him to help me have a difficult conversation ….. only to have Him change the other person’s heart! When we think our situation is just too complicated ….. God says ‘It’s nothing to me. But you have to hand it over!’ That’s when the ‘Mary’ in me woke up! Instead of rushing here and there and trying to nut out the day ahead ….. I sat at His feet in adoration. My ‘to do’ list is on His ‘already done’ list! I hope this helps someone out there. I’m not saying I won’t go through it all again tomorrow ….. but the more we practice being still ….. the more we’ll know that ‘He is God’.