Memories From God’s Perspective

Sue’s Views

Reflections are beautiful! The only problem with them is that they are not always exactly true. For one thing ….. they are upside down and back to front. And if the water is rippled ….. the reflection will be distorted. So it is with our memories! Our childhood memories ….. as true as they may seem ….. may not be totally accurate. We may not have all the facts. Over the years ….. we may have added to or subtracted from what really happened or what was really said. Many of us live our lives with resentment or disappointment due to a painful memory. Because we’ve focussed on it ….. it may have become bigger in our mind than it needs to be. Ask God to show you the situation from His perspective. He will not only reveal the truth to you ….. but will also bring healing to your heart and reconciliation to your relationships.