Sue’s Views
As a child ….. I remember going to a fun park where there was a ‘maze of mirrors’. You had to find your way through pathways lined with distorted mirrors! Some made you look tall and thin ….. others made you look short and fat ….. and then there were mirrors that made you look wavy or deformed. It’s said that ‘the mirror never lies’ ….. and that’s true as long as the mirror is genuine. The Bible is likened to a mirror. When we read it ….. it gives us a true reflection. Not of our outward appearance ….. but of our inner person. It reveals bad attitudes ….. wrong behaviour ….. and sinful desires. It’s purpose is not only to show us what’s wrong ….. but how to make it right. Just as a mirror tells us our hair is out of place or our face is dirty …..  the Bible tells us when our thoughts are out of line. We would do well to fix the problem before leaving the house. If we don’t we will start to accept the distorted image as normal. There are many concepts prevalent in our world today that we have come to accept as normal. But they are way off the truth! I recently watched the podcast called ‘What is a Woman’! It’s unbelievable to think how deceived our world has become. But it didn’t happen overnight! It happened over time as we accept what we see in the mirror as normal!