Moses and the Rock

Sue’s Views
 I’ve always felt sorry for Moses! He led those ungrateful people for 40 years ….. and then God wouldn’t allow him to enter the Promised Land. And it was because one day ….. when the people were complaining about having no water to drink ….. God told him to speak to a rock ….. but in his frustration ….. Moses struck the rock with his rod instead! It seems a minor misdemeanour ….. but God saw it differently. Moses had walked and talked with God all those years so maybe he was held to a higher standard. The more we know ….. the more is required of us. But one thing I’ve come to understand is that Moses had fulfilled his God given purpose ….. and it was someone else’s job to take Israel into Canaan. We must not covet someone else’s blessing. We just need to make sure we do our own the best we can. All the glory must go to God!