Sue’s Views
Well ….. January has gone. For many it was a month of holidays ….. late nights ….. relaxing ….. and planning. Now it’s time to settle into the year ahead. It’s back to school ….. routines ….. commitments. For Mums ….. you may have mixed emotions. Relief that after months of having your children at home ….. they can finally go back to school. Anxiety over their safety and well-being. Either way ….. you probably need some ‘me time’. If you can’t go to a peaceful spot ….. make one at home! Suzanna Wesley ….. mother of John and Charles ….. had 19 children! The only way she could be alone was to throw her apron over her head! The children knew to leave her alone when they saw that! Whatever your situation ….. take time to look after yourself! God loves your kids even more than you do. He’s got this!