No Idols

Sue’s Views
What is your idea of God like? The Bible teaches that we were made in God’s image. That means that we are to be like Him. But what is He like? Jesus shows us the answer to that question. Everything He did was a reflection of His Father. One of the qualities of God is His holiness. We like the fact that He loves us ….. provides for us ….. protects us ….. and most of us agree that we should treat others the same way. But holiness? That would mean I would have to change. That would mean denying my fleshly desires. And therefore ….. instead of becoming like God ….. we invent a ‘god’ that fits our needs. We make God in our image! The Israelites made a golden calf out of their jewels. To them it represented God ….. but it was one they could control. They could carry it around and decide when to move instead of moving when God said so. It had no voice and therefore could not tell them what to do. It led them into orgies and riotous living. Most of us don’t bow down to idols ….. but we all worship something. There is only one true God ….. and He must have first place in our lives!