Our Helmsman

Sue’s Views
55 years ago ….. my family left the UK to come to New Zealand by ship. I remember the first week was very rough. I didn’t want to leave the cabin ….. but my Dad who was a seasoned sailor ….. made me go up on deck. He said it was the best place to be in rough seas. And he was right! Our journey took us through the English Channel ….. into the Atlantic Ocean ….. navigating the Panama Canal ….. and out into the calmer Pacific. At one point we were taken to the place where the helmsman steered the ship. I couldn’t believe how small that wheel was! And yet it guided us through rough seas ….. landed us at ports along the way ….. guided us through the Panama Canal with little room either side ….. until we arrived at Wellington Docks. Life is like that journey. Aren’t you glad we have a Helmsman who knows the seas ….. the weather ….. and the way! You can relax and know He will get you safely to your destination!