Sue’s Views
I’ve been thinking lately about our 1st Lady ….. Eve! I wonder what she was like. I mean before the dreaded apple incident ….. she would have
 been perfect …… right? But what does that mean? We know she was a perfect helper for Adam ….. and complimented him ….. no doubt she helped him in the garden and gathered food for them to eat. But what did she look like? Tall, short? Was she pear shaped ….. apple …… banana? Did she have straight hair ….. or curls? The Bible doesn’t tell us much, does it? Maybe it doesn’t matter! Maybe appearance isn’t as important to God as it is to us! Maybe her perfection was due to her being created by a perfect Father, with whom she had such a close relationship ….. that she was a reflection of Him? And that’s how He sees all of us, my sisters! You are perfectly beautiful!