Sue’s Views
Are you getting enough rest? In our busy world ….. it’s not easy to switch off and do nothing. God rested on the seventh day. What makes us think we don’t need to? Ps 23 says ‘The Lord makes me lie down in green pastures’. Does He have to make you rest? Rest isn’t just about sleeping. It’s about giving your mind as well as your body a break. Out of the word ‘rest’ comes the word ‘restoration’. Just like a computer needs to be refreshed every so often ….. so our brains need to clean out all the information stored there. For you ….. it may mean going for a walk. It may mean lying horizontal for half an hour. It may mean going to bed earlier. It has been proven that the hours of rest before midnight are more restorative than the hours after midnight. That reminds me! It’s daylight saving this Saturday night!