Seeds of Greatness

Sue’s Views
Our hibiscus never ceases to produce beautiful flowers. No matter what season ….. they are either budding or in full bloom! You might say ….. ‘That’s what hibiscus trees do!’ Well, do you know that you too were created to be productive? When God designed you ….. He put in all the ingredients and potential for you to become that unique ….. one off ….. incredible person He planned you to be. Like the hibiscus ….. He gave you roots that would hold you securely and give you sustenance. He gave you a place to grow and develop ….. with the nutrients you would need. He provided the sun and rain to give you a balanced environment because we need the bad times as well as the good times to become stronger. There’s no need to struggle and strive ….. just yield to what is already in you!
“You are designed for accomplishment ….. engineered for success ….. and endowed with seeds of greatness.” Zig Ziglar