‘Sorry Lord!’

Sue’s Views
I had a great time with these guys last night! Lots of activity ….. creativity ….. cuteness ….. and laughter. Of course there were a few squabbles as well! During our prayer time before bed ….. I asked them ‘What does Jesus say about how we should treat other people?’ They all shared their answers ….. ‘be kind’ ….. ‘be loving’ ….. ‘be helpful’ etc. Then I asked them ‘Have you said or done anything today that Jesus wouldn’t be happy about?’ That lead us (yes me included!) into a prayer time of confession ….. repentance ….. and forgiveness! It really is that simple! Imagine if everyone in the world was to ask that question and followed through on what they hear. All God requires is that we acknowledge what we’ve done ….. confess it ….. ask for forgiveness ….. and do a u turn! Even a child can understand that!