Spiritual Battle

Sue’s Views
Yesterday we had the privilege of attending the Forum on the Family run by Family First. What a banquet of information ….. testimonies ….. and helpful tips regarding the state of our nation and the world in general. One of the biggest ‘take aways’ for me was the vast numbers who are passionate about pushing back against the narrative and agendas we’ve been indoctrinated with. We can easily get the impression we are the minority ….. but that’s a lie! One of the biggest blockades is complacency! We know it’s wrong but we feel inadequate ….. or we buy into the lie of ’What can little old me do?’ Keep writing those submissions ….. apparently they are taken notice of. Keep having the conversations and ask people for their definition of terms like ‘homophobia’. There’s a big difference between ‘hate’ and ‘disagreement’. But the most effective thing we can do is to pray! We are not fighting against human beings but against spiritual forces of darkness! That’s a battle won only on our knees!