Sweet Dreams!

Sue’s Views
Do you suffer from insomnia? The animal kingdom seems to be able to sleep anytime anywhere! But some of us humans struggle to get the hours of sleep our bodies need. Our minds are constantly on overload ….. we take on more than we can handle ….. we eat too close to bedtime ….. and we spend way too much time on screens that overstimulate our brains! Again ….. the Bible gives us the antidote. Wisdom and commonsense! It’s one thing to know what we should do but it’s another thing to do it! It also encourages us to ‘Cast all our cares upon the Lord ….. for He cares for us’. What’s the point of staying awake worrying about something that the God of the Universe is dealing with? (Note to self 😔) I find that things always look better in the morning anyway! Sweet Dreams 😴