Sue’s Views
Today our eldest granddaughter becomes a teenager! She told me the other day that she can’t wait! When asked why ….. she replied ‘Because I’ll be a grown up!’ There we’re so many things I could have said about that ….. but I didn’t want to dampen her excitement. Those of us who have ….. or have had ….. or once were a teenager ….. know how volatile those years can be. The dilemma between releasing and over protecting can be like walking through a minefield. But after lots of prayer ….. communication is key! Don’t sweat the small stuff ….. pick your battles ….. and keep the door of communication open. The teenage years are a wonderful season of discovering your purpose ….. and who God made you to be.
Happy 13th Birthday Sade! We love you and look forward to the future you while enjoying the present you! Have a great day with your friends and family.